It’s Deload Week!!!! ​​

Don’t go heavy, be kind to your bodies, and high five the legends around you! We’ve got 1RM’s the following week!

This week on the weekly show, we’re going to be talking about breathing. We all take breathing for granted, but did you know that it’s one of the major ways that our bodies get rid of waste! Yep, when you’re not urinating, excreting or perspirting – You’re breathing! Up to 70% of our body is detoxified through breath. Yep, Your breath, is fat evaporating – Did you minds just get blown? So this week, don’t be reactive with you breathing. 5 Minutes befor+e class or the conditioning work, start actively breathing. Breathe in through the nose, deep into the belly, the rib cage, then chest, and let passively exhale.

During WODS – you want to breathe deep and fast. It’s common mistake for people to want to control their breathing during WODS, but this doesn’t mean slow it down. Breathe in STRONG, this is when your body needs the oxygen the most.

we’re going to be kicking off with some more Handstand Practice, if you haven’t seen the last few technique videos we’ve posted, make sure to watch them, and includes Vuongers wrist warm up protocol today! We’re then going to finish with a punchy and fast partner AMRAP of Push Press, Bar Muscles Ups, and Running! If you’ve been stuck at a desk all day, you’re going to want to work on opening up that over head position. Look up Mobility WOD on Google!

We’re going to be working on balancing out those legs with heavy lunges, and pull ups. The session will finish with a lung burner of light deadlifts, bar touching burpees, and Air Squats. We don’t want you to go heavy, that you need to stop every 5 reps, we’d rather you went light, and pushed those lungs!

Today we’re going to be working on our Push Press, and Ring Rows. The ring rows will be done with a 5 sec ring to chest hold for each rep. We’re really looking at improving the small muscles of the back. If you want bonus points for this day, come in early, and get a lacross ball into those that chest. We’re then going to be finishing of with an AMRAP 12 of Thrusters, Front Squats, Push Press, and Double Unders (so bring those ropes!)

Today will be a great day to practice your breathing. We’re going to kick of with some Deadlift and Rowing Intervals. Focusing on active breathing throughout this work, will help you recovery quickly but also maximise performance. We’re then going to finish with some running and toes to bar for 14 minutes. Treat the run as recovery, focus on breathing in deeply, and hang on to the bar as LONG as you can. We’re developing grip strength, and core today!

It’s Friday, Who wouldn’t want to finish the week with Front Squat, Wall Balls and Sit Ups? Don’t worry today isn’t meant to be a hard day, we’re just moving, and recovering!

Alrite team, that’s it for the weekly show!  Focus on your breath,and lets get lean for Spring.

Cheongy, Chris, Elene, Jez, Ben, and Poh