Hope you’re looking forward to another week of training.

Before we get into the update for what’s coming up for the week, I wanted to share with you a book that I’ve been reading. The Obstacle is the Way. It’s a great book for helping you work towards your goals in life, business, or health. what ever they may be. We all have obstacles in our life, and they are all different ,but the way they make us feel is the same – Frustrated, confused, helpless, angry, maybe even depressed! This book is about positive thinking, or telling you suck it up and eat some cement, but rather it provides you with examples and tools. So that instead of saying ‘Fuck it, or This isn’t so bad’, you ask HOW can I make this good.

Check it out:

Download it on Kindle
Listen to it on Audible.

Now on to the weekly show!

We’re going to be kicking off the week with Anderson Squats. Anderson Squats is a fancy way of saying Squats, that start from the bottom instead of the top. Which means you’re all going to get really stable bottom positions .We’re then going to finish off with an Aerobic Workout of 3 Rounds of Running, Medball Sit Ups, and Burpee Box Jumps. It’s a long one, so make sure to focus on pacing, and breathing!

is Deadlift Day! We’re going to be hitting a 3 Reps @ 85% of our 3RM. This is 85% of YOUR 3RM, So while you’re going to be lifting heavy today, it shouldn’t be too SCARY. (include metaphor): We’re then going to be finishing off with Push Press, Double Unders and Pull Ups. Bring your rope, and work on that shoulder and hamstring mobility when you come into the session.

we’re going to be doing Skin the Cats. A movement we don’t do often, but a great movement for improving mobility and strength in the shoulders. We’re then going to finish off with an 18 Minute AMRAP of Running, Push Ups, Power Cleans, and Thrusters. If you’re feeling a little beat up from the week, we’d suggest planning a date with a CFUers and doing this in a pair! It’ll be a challenge by itself, but fun with a friend! Make sure you scale those push ups with something that you can do for 10, and keep the thrusters on the lighter side as we have heavy front squats on Thursday!

We’re Following on with our Front Squat Cycle, Thursday is going to be about 5 Heavy Singles at 95%. We’d suggest getting a good amount of rest on Wednesday night, and making sure you work on that ankle and hip mobility before class! The conditioning piece will short, Grippy and FAST of Toes 2 Bar, and KB Swings. And finally we’re going to max out on our Vsits! We’re going to call this sessions #AbsNotKebabs.

Time to Get those High Socks on! Today we’re doing Clean and Jerks, and Rope Climbs. Today you’ll be doing 24 Moderately weighted clean and jerks in 12 Minutes. This will be a good day to work on your confidence with a Barbell. And then we’re finishing off with 2 AMRAPS.

That’s it legends! Have an awesome week, enjoy the training! And if you have something that’s blocking you this week, make sure you thank it for the opportunity for making you better!

Cheongy, Mark, Kelly, Ian, Lynsey, and Tristan!