Big shout out to our Master’s crew for completing the Master League competition on the weekend – I know I tease you about being old, but to be honest, you’re a daily inspiration to me!

There’s a bit of a stigma in our society that ‘aging’ is a bad thing, and that as we get older we automatically start ‘degrading’ into a helpless pile of skin and bones…

That’s bullsh*t

Sure, there are changes happening in your body and you might not achieve the peaks of fitness you would have in your 20’s but let’s be honest unless you were an Olympian you probably never came close…

Don’t let the fear of not achieving your potential stop you from starting!

It’s not uncommon for me to hear my news members say ‘I’m not as fit as I used to be, or it’s harder to stay in shape as I get older…’. In a few short months, I’ll transform them into saying ‘I’m fitter in my 40’s then I was in my 20’s…’

The truth is, there’s no special training because you’re ‘older’.


Do you want to train like an ‘old person’ or do you want to train like someone who wants to perform better every day – there’s power in the words you choose!

Stay awesome Masters Crew and thanks for letting me hang out with your on the weekend!!