Can we please stop training JUST to EARN or BURN off Friday cheat meal?

We know that MANY of your goals are to LOOK and FEEL better. However if your intention with training is just to burn calories in the gym, you’re missing a very important benefit of what TRAINING can do…

Training when done correctly will exert powerful signals throughout your body to evolve!

Think of training in the gym like spending your savings in a bank – there are two main ways you can use your money. You can either spend it, or you can invest it….

  • Spending your money is easy
    You find something you like, and you spend your money on it. Training just to burn off calories is similar – you find an activity you like, and you do it, until you get bored it and then on to the next thing!
  • Investing is hard!
    It takes consistency, patience, and maybe some guidance. You’re still ‘spending’ money, but you’re doing it with a different intention, for a better future! Training to performance your performance has two benefits – yes it burns off more calories, but it also helps you build lean muscle mass which has a COMPOUNDING effect on future activities – interest!

It’s a problem that I see in the fitness industry. People exercising PURELY to earn their food. Fitness companies support this idea, through advertising how many calories ONE Session will burn. The fact is EXERCISING TO BURN CALORIES is a flawed method of achieving your goals. In our busy lives of work, family, and friends – most people just can’t commit the time and effort to adopt this strategy.

Invest in yourself, listen to your body, and train to get better than yesterday. I promise you results will follow. Here’s how you do it.

  • Create awareness of your training – track your results
  • Challenge yourself daily to be better (Add 1kg to the bar, squat a little bit lower, do ONE more rep
  • Get some guidance, speak with a coach we’re here to help!

Remember that spending and investing are both necessary at some point! However for most people, we need to do less spending, and more investing.

See you in class!