Happy FU-Riday!

We made it – No $hivi today – so you’re just stuck with Cheongy!

Today we’re going to be hitting the Upper Body , and then we’re kicking you outside for a NEW MULTIMEDIA / DIMENSIONAL experience… (kinda)

We made an MP3 of Tunes, that will guide you through a 30 minute running workout (that’s made from your FAVOURITE tunes)

You can download that here:

✅ Follow the Strength Exercises
✅ Download the MP3
✅ Get some fresh air, and work on some intervals!!!

Today’s Workout:

Every 90 seconds for 16 Rounds.
Odd: 5 x Upper Body Pull
Even: 5 x Upper Body Push

50 x Upper Body Pull (in smallest amount of sets

5 x 90 Second Intervals with a 2minute rest (simples!)

Enjoy FUers!!!

Stay Awesome!