Yesterday we made a post about training for Performance.

Improving your performance in the gym will ultimately lead to helping many of you achieve your goals…


Pushing harder, sweating more, doing more isn’t always the answer. – while training and nutrition play a HUGE part in the fitness equation, understanding your recovery strategy is equally important…

Breathing is a valuable tool to help you regulate your stress levels. Excercise is stress, work is stress, life is stress….

Stress in the right amounts is awesome, in the wrong amounts it plays HAVOC on our bodies!

Here is our morning class focusing on 5 minutes of post session parasympathetic breathing

Deep inhales, long exhales, eye closed lead us to a recovery state which in turn favor fat metabolism, improved digestion, and lowered propensity to being a stress head!

Hard work is important to achieving your goals but so is taking the time to recover….

Happy Friday Legends!