Do you think about your breathing during your training?

This week we had 16.1 – A 20 Minute AMRAP of Lunges, Burpees, Lunges, and Pull Ups!

When many people think about CrossFit – they often think about workouts that require you to work as HARD as you can! However  an important idea to understand is that workout intensity is relative. High intensity workouts for a 100m, sprint is much different from high intesnity in a 10k run.

While it’s important to ALWAYS be aware of your breathing, it’s more so in longer workouts – where the majority of your energy will be created through your bodies aerobic system.

Breathing facilities two things.
If you’re unable to regulate your breathing you’re probably going too fast.
Longer workouts mean you need to engage your aerobic systems – breathing harder then you think you should ensure’s you’re sufficiently providing your body with oxygen, which is necessary for longer workouts!

Now don’t mistake controlled breathing with a relaxing breath (deep inhale, and long exhale). The goal during a workout is to get as MUCH oxygen as we can into the body – so think about breathing as FAST as your can DEEP! (into the belly).

This isn’t easy, but by consciously breathing, we’re tapping into our bodies most abundant fuel source – FAT!