Don’t skip leg day, and don’t skip bicep day – especially on the first day of LOCK DOWN!!!!

This workout has been filmed with the intention (and timers provided) that you follow along!

So make sure you’re chromecasting this to a TV, crank some of your beats, and lets go to PUUUUUMP Town!!!

⏰Time Needed⏰
56 Minutes: 34 Seconds.

❗❗You will need:❗❗

  •  A Bag
  • A Couch
  • A towel (and potentially a pole)
  • A Bike Tube (cut in half)
  • Your OWN Music

This class was filmed with the intention that you play your OWN Music – so understand that we completed this whole class, in awkward silence…

We’re going to be in touch shortly to schedule your One on One accountability calls, and we’re also in the process of arranging a way for you to upload your videos for review. Stay connected, stay awesome, and drop some comments below! We missed you all in the gym today!

❤️ $hivi & Cheongy ❤️

Ps. We’re all in the same boat, so feel free to share this with another person in lock down!!!