Hey CrossFit U,

Only one more week till the CrossFit 2017 Open – if you’re not sure what the CrossFit Open is, make sure you check out the video above!

CrossFit U 2017 Open Overview
From February 24th – March 28th CrossFit U will be participating in the global CrossFit Event – The CrossFit Open. The Gym will be broken up into 4 Teams:  House Greyjoy (Coach Vuong), House Tyrell (Coach Ash), House Tagaryen (Coach Peta), and House Sunspear (Coach Will).  Each week, your houses will compete in the CrossFit Open to win points for you house. The top 15 Scores from each house will provide you with your weekly points for the week.

When will the CrossFit Open workouts be performed?
As a gym the CrossFit Open Workouts will be performed on Saturday morning at the 8:30, 9:30 Sessions at both West Melbourne and Yarraville. If you are unable to make these sessions, you will need to arrange with another CrossFit U member to complete the workout during the WORKOUT Component of the class.  Scores need to be submitted to Games.CrossFit.com between Friday 12pm, and Tuesday 8am.

Why should you compete in the CrossFit Open?
The CrossFit Open is a celebration of CrossFit – it’s a chance for you to participate in both the local and global CrossFit community.  I really enjoy the Open, as it allows me to see how my fitness has progressed from year to year. I like to tell the newbies in the gym  – It’s not about this open, it’s about the next open that counts! It’s always nice to look back at your previous Opens and see how much you’ve improved. Just like our normal workouts in class, there are both RX workouts, and scaled workouts!

If you can’t tell, we LOVE the open and we’re looking forward to seeing you all participate in this amazing global CrossFit event!