Improve productivity, reduce sick days and show your employees you care!

We will a design a Corporate Wellness Programs that will help create happy and healthy employees. These include higher mental concentration and alertness, quicker reaction times, memory and decision-making ability and increased morale. Healthy, productive employees are your greatest asset!
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Keep your Employees Happy and Healthy while working from home!

Our Fun and Effective Zoom Workouts will keep your staff happy and healthy from the comfort of their homes!

We have created a training program that is suitable for all levels of fitness. From beginners through to advance – our innovative ZOOM WORKOUT solution will provide movement options for everyone.

A Functional U Coach will entertain and lead all your staff members through the training session. 

Our goal is for everyone to leave smiling, and sweating 🙂


What can the Functional U Wellness Program do for you?


We have created FUN and EFFECTIVE Zoom Workouts that will allow your employees to improve their fitness from the comfort of their own home! 

Sessions will be designed to suit all levels of Fitness. We have created an exercise system that provides exercises for beginners through to advanced. 



The best way to kickstart your employees’ fitness journey. The FU ‘Level Up’ about forming sustainable healthy habits around our pillars of health – Nutrition, Recovery, Training, Mindset, and Happiness.

Your teams will work with a Functional U coach on weekly challenges that are practical and effective to achieving optimal health. 


Is your team training for a Fitness Event – Spartan Race, Running Event, or Multi Sport Event?  Functional U can create a bespoke training program that will help get your team ready for the event, build team work and also minimize injury!

  1. Bespoke Training Sessions (tailored to the event you’re training for)
    Optional Homework
  2. Event Cost can be built into total cost of Training Package.


What equipment and space do you need for these workouts?

We recommend that our participants have a minimum of 1m x 2m of CLEAR working space. 

We also provide a variety of exercise options from low impact, to high impact. So if you have employees who are concerned about making too much noise and bothering neighbors – we have you covered there as well!




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