It’s sleep week and this little post is all about lack of sleep, and cravings! Do you find it hard to resist your cravings? Many of us think it’s our lack of will power, or our insatiable sweet tooth – but science begs to differ.

Think of Leptin like your bodies Food Police

Leptin tells your body when it’s full!

During the night your body produces a hormone called Leptin? Leptin is the satiety hormone and is responsible for telling your body when it’s full – it’s our inbuilt system for regulating food intake. Regularly missing out on sleep means your body is producing less leptin, which in turn leads to being hungry ALL the time! Ever wonder why you crave food after partying late (despite the 3am doner kebab?). Sleep matters!

Just to scare you into sleeping a little more – lack of sleep will also effect the way your bodies processes carbohydrates. The blood sugar and insulin levels of a sleep deprived body compared with a rested body will be far higher in the morning. More insulin = more storage = more fat.

All it takes is 2 hours per night of sleep deprevation, and your body is a hormonal storm that is set up to make you eat more food, and store more fat. The good news is the solution is simple, sleep more! Instead of setting an alarm to wake up, set one to for bed. 30 Minutes before going to bed, have a digital detox and let us know how you go!

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