Want to make more money – track your savings!

Want to be smarter – take note of what you’re learning!

Want to improve your fitness – track it!

The truth is, you can still save money, get smarter, and improve your fitness without tracking, but it makes it a WHOLE lot more efficient and it only takes a little more effort…

Tracking = Feedback

However for many people – feedback can sometimes be confused with failure…

The truth is, it’s only failure if you give up, it’s feedback if you decide to adjust your approach…

At Functional U, we encourage our members to keep track of their results


Because results provide us with MEASURABLE numbers that are directly to THEIR GOALS. Turns out when you perform better, you’re probably going to be increasing your lean muscle mass and decreasing your fat – it’s not always the case, but we have other measures like bodyfat, weight, and photos that can also help…

So how can you start tracking?

There are smartphone apps that you can download and we even provide workout tracking at the gym (Zen Planner) – but ultimately the first point of awareness starts with YOU!

Caveat – it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be about weights, or how fast you are. Track how you feel, track how comfortable you are with the movement, track what progression you are on!

If you need some help or guidance on how you can track your results – speak with a coach, or one of the more senior members at the gym.

We’re all here to help