Usman – I was pretty fortunate to spend some time with Vince Simonetta this weekend. Vince is the owner of CrossFit Mildura. As a trainer and coach, you often hear people blame their age as a reason for their declining fitness, and strength At 58, Vince currently holds multiple national and world records in powerlifting. Recently he achieved the following at nationals – a back squat of 225kg, a bench press of 100kg, and a Deadlift of 275kg .

Envious of these numbers, I asked for his secret.

Consistency, technique and patience. Somethings that’re sorely missed in our current fitness industry of 28 day, and 6 week challenges…

So what’s your approach to fitness, training and health. Is it a quick fix or something that will yield strength, health and longevity for the future. Check out the video for some highlights, but if you want a break down of Vince’s training program (which he’s refined since he was 17), then head over to soundcloud for the full interview.

Thanks Vince for hanging out!