In an attempt to be more “Australian” and take advantage of the “Essential” services left to us by the Government…

We introduce to YOU the Functional U #SLABFit Workout – a workout that TRAINS you in the ESSENTIAL skill of carrying a SLAB!

A health promoting training program that will get you slabFIT and ready to party when all this pandemic stuff is over!!!

🐨🐨We’re also running a SLABFit GiveAWAY🐨🐨
Send us your BEST jumping SLABFit photo, and you’ll go in the draw to win a @Gorrilla Energy Drink Voucher that can be claimed when we can see each other again!!

Get a friend (via Skype, or Zoom), Grab s Slab, and Let’s get SLABFIT!!!!

Be More Australian!!!!