Take control of your health and fitness, build the body you want, and have fun with an awesome community that supports your goals!

Coaching, Community, and Results!

Functional U is a community of expert coaches and like minded individuals.
With over 20 years experience in fitness we help our members achieve EXTRA ordinary results through smart training, nutrition coaching, and one on one support.

You don't need to be "Fit" to start Training Today!

Our members get great results regardless of age, background, or fitness level

"It gives me a confidence in myself that I've never had before..."
Sheridan S

"I've been really surprised at how I can complete the movements after I've been coached through them!"

Matiu B


"It saves me a good 15 minutes at music festivals, instead of waiting in the line for the loo, I can go grab a beer and hang out with my friends instead..."
Vic W



Our classes are designed to UPGRADE your body, not just burn calories. You'll learn how to move safely and effectively to make sustainable changes in your health and fitness.  Our flexible timetable starts at 5:30am in the morning, and finishes at 7:30pm. As a member you'll receive access to our CrossFit, HITT, and Yoga classes througout the week.


Nutrition Coaching

We don't believe in providing cookie cutter meal plans, rather we want to empower our members with the skills and habits that will last a life time. Our Nutrition Coaching program provides you with daily lessons, videos, and tips to keep you on track. 


For those who require a more individual approach to their goals. Our coaches can help design a unique plan to help you achieve your goals. All our private coaching clients receive access to our lifestyle and nutrition coaching program

Get in touch to receive your complimentary
One on One Consultation



Supporting your goals through education, coaching and accountability


Movement & Nutrition Workshop

In our basic course we will guide you through our 3 pillars of training. Nutrition, movement and mindset.  You’ll learn the following:

  • What is CrossFit, and why our members LOVE training every day
  • Our simple approach to healthy eating
  • How to move safely and effectively in the gym
  • How to improve your mobility, flexibility and recovery in training


Online learning and 24/7 support

All our members receive access to our online learning systems, and private members group. Where you will receive 24/7 support from our coaches, and community.  You’ll get access to:

  • Online Movement Library
  • Online Nutrition Course
  • Online Mindset Course



We strictly cap our class sizes to ensure you receive PERSONAL attention from our expert coaches – you’re not just another number at Functional U!  Every class includes the following

  • Warm up and Mobility work
  • Technique & Skill Practice
  • Strength work to build lean muscle
  • Conditioning work to help burn body fat

All our members receive a quarterly goal setting and accountability session with our head coach.